Arts Council of Sri Lanka

Arts Council of Sri Lanka was formed in the year 1952 under constitution number 18. According to the constitution the aims of the formation of the Arts Council are given below.

  1. To develop a broad knowledge and understand of fine art of the Sri Lanka
  2. To develop the quality of the fine art of Sri Lanka
  3. To develop the artistic quality of the creative traditional arts and crafts of Sri Lanka which are unique to Sri Lanka
  4. To advice the government departments provincial organizations and institutions directly or indirectly on the above mentioned objectives.

According o the constitution the duration of the arts council is three years. Five members to form the arts council will be appointed by the Minister Cultural affairs and the President and the Vice president from the five members thus appointed by the Minister.

These five members appointed by the Minister will appoint the members for the sub committee. Inclusive of the president the total number of members will be ten. The present Arts Council is formed with five such sub committees / panals.

  • Visual Art Panel
  • Literature Panel
  • Drama Panel
  • Music Panel
  • Dance Panel
  • Panel for Intangible Cultural Heritage

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