Arts Council of Sri Lanka
Executive Board
Ariyarathna Kaluarachchi

Senior Professor

Senior Professor Ariyarathna Kaluarachchi is presently Chairman of the Arts Council of Sri Lanka. He is a renowned Choreographer, writer, Actor, Dancer and Lyric composer. He has directed a number of Oriental Ballet, Dramas, Dance Dramas and national level cultural programmes. He has written several books and articles on folklore folk dramas & Traditional performing Arts in Srilanka. he is who recipient of several honors and awards for his great server. he was the Dean of the faculty of Dance & Drama from 2008 to 2014 of the University of Visual & Performing Arts. As the Chairman of the National Dance & Oriental Bullet Panel of Cultural Department. He gave his service more than six years. He was the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Visual & Performing Arts since 2014 to 2017. He has traveled anumber of countries on a scholar, choreographer and dancer for promoting the Srilankan culture. He has been closly associated with many national and traditional organization.