Arts Council of Sri Lanka
State Music Advisory Board


Shri Arunanthy Aaruran is a leading exponent in the Carnatic Music field in Sri Lanka, who is characterized by a distinct style of his own. He began his musical journey as toddler during his preliminary education in Jaffna with the guidance of excellent gurus. Then he proceed to Annamalai University in India to pursue higher education in music where he was under the purview of renowned musicians such as O. S. Thyagarajan , Shri Govindarajan and Smt. Vasundara Nanjudan for over three years. He was further groomed in the Carnatic music field by exponents Sri Rajam Iyer, Dr. N. Ramanathan, Dr. S.A.K.Durga, Dr. S. Jeyalakshmi & Dr. (Smt) Premila Gurumoorthy, who was the head of the department during his time of education. He evolved to this present style under the guidance and membership of his guru the legendary O. S. Thyagarajan to achieve this level of proficiency. After completion of his studies, Shri Aaruran possesses a degree in Carnatic (B.Music) from the Annamalai University and holders Masters degree (M.A.Music) from the Madras University. Shri Aaruran has proved himself as a performing artist by participating in many programs locally and in India. His immense versatility in the unique way of rendering the compositions has helped him to curve out a niche in the Music era.