Arts Council of Sri Lanka
State Dance and Ballet Advisory Board

State Dance and Ballet Advisory Board is established for the purpose of advising and assisting the Arts council on the general advancement of the dance and to support a vibrant community of choreographers and dancers, dance groups and organizations so that the public can experience the highest standard of dance in Sri Lanka. Dance plays a key part in contemporary culture; it covers a wide range of aesthetics and styles and takes place in a wide range of settings.

Arts council and Dance panel promote development and networking opportunities and work closely with artists and organizations to develop new ways of presenting dance, and to widen the understanding and appreciation of the many and varied kinds of dance, influenced by the social and multi cultural richness of Sri Lankan society, and other art forms.

Panel Profile

Prof. Karunarathna Bandara

Prof. Karunarathna Bandara has been appointed the Chairman of Dance and Ballet Advisory Board of Arts Council of Sri Lanka.