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Collecting information about Sri Lankan photographer – 2024

(Posted on 2024.06.12)


The completed application should be recommended from the Cultural Officer of the Divisional Secretariat and send before 28 June 2024 to the Director, Department of Cultural Affairs, 8th Floor, Setshiripaya, Battaramulla. Application can be emailed to also.

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State Children’s Drama Festival – 2024.

(Posted on 2024.03.26)


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Calling application for the 2024 State Children’s Drama Festival
Applications will be accepted till 30th April 2024.

State Arts and Sculpture Festival – 2024.

(Posted on 2024.03.25)

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Sinhala  |  Tamil  |  English

Calling application for the 2024 State Art and Sculpture Festival
Applications will be accepted from 20th March 2024 to 25th July 2024.

Survey of Poetry Magazines and Poetry Associations in Sri Lanka

(Posted on 2022.02.19)

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Application are called now for State Awards Ceremony of Television Art – 2022

(Posted on 2022.02.19)

Categories to be considered include , Single Episode Tele Drama, Docu- Drama, Tele Drama (Children), Tele Film, Documentary Programme ,Magazine Programme, Musical Programme, Television Songs Visualizing , Children’s Programme., Sports Programme, Dubbing or Sub Titled Production, Animation Production, Multi Camera Production, Talk Show, Educational Programme, Investigative News Reporting, Television Filler, Television Trailer , Television Advertisement, Television Presenter, Television News Reader ,Various Video Programmes that were not telecast, Academic Publications published  on television media,

The details and the application could be obtained by sending a self – addressed stamped envelop to “ Director , Department of Cultural Affairs, 8th Floor, Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla.” Or though website . Creations should produced only on DVD S. DVD S will not be returned after the evaluation process. Closing date will be 31th March 2022. the Telecreation s which have been completed telecasting for the first time in the Sri Lankan  television channels will be considered for awards. Awards will be presented separately for Sinhala, tamil and English mediums.

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State Children’s Art Festival – 2022

(Posted on 2022.02.12)


Applications are invited annually for the State Children’s Art Festival, the most elegant festival of the little artists of Sri Lanka, representing all the provinces including North and the East.

Drawings for the “State Children’s Art Festival – 2022” are accepted from 14th February to 29th April 2022 at the National Art Gallery, Colombo 07. This festival is organized by the Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs, the Department of Cultural Affairs and the State Advisory Board of Visual Arts of Arts Council of Sri Lanka.

       Category                         Age Group                   Year of Birth

  1. Primary                      05-06 years of age             2016-2015
  2. Post Primary              07-09 years of age            2014-2013-2012
  3. Junior                         10-12 years of age            2011-2010-2009
  4. Senior                         13-15 years of age          2008-2007-2006
  5. Senior Secondary     16-18 years of age            2005-2004-2003


Drawings should be sent to:-

Officer Incharge,

National Art Gallery,

Ananda  Commaraswamy Mw,

Colombo 07.


Inquiries: – 0112882551/0112872031

Download Sinhala circular and application:

Download English circular and application :


State Radio Awards Ceremony – 2022

(Posted on 2022.01.16)

Closing Date Extended till 20th January 2022.


The Closing Date of receiving entries for the “State Radio Awards Ceremony -2020” has been extended up to 20th January 2022.

The radio broadcasting in Sri Lanka has a history of more than nine decades. It has been decided to hold the State Radio Awards Ceremony in the year 2022 concurrently with the World Radio Day to accolade the radio artistes. The ceremony is organized by the Ministry of Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs, the Department of Cultural Affairs and the State Advisory Council of Radio of the Arts Council of Sri Lanka.

Download Sinhala Circular here:

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State Television Awards Ceremony- 2019, 2020 Result Sheet

(Posted on 2022.01.15)

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State Literary Award – 2020 – 2021 Result

(Posted on 2022.01.10)

Souvenir Download.


State Dance Festival 2022 – Application Call

(Posted on 2022.01.06)

State Dance Festival 2022 – Call for applications has been extended to 14th January 2022.


State Children’s Drama Festival 2021

Objective and the Introduction

State Drama Festivals are among the several important events launched by the Department of Cultural Affairs for the better sustenance and promotion of culture in the country. It is envisaged to identity contemporary trends of the local art of drama and to direct the parties concerned to intervene in relevant fields of subjects.

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State Literary Awards Ceremony 2020 Result Sheet


2021 State Literary Awards Ceremony – Bibliography