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Arts Council of Sri Lanka through its Research Programmes try to understand how contemporary arts and culture impact people’s lives, current situation and issues related to contemporary art practice as well as Intangible Cultural heritage, how public and private sector invest and support arts, what are the facilities available throughout the country for the artists, cultural workers, and the public.

With publication programme Arts council attempts to increase knowledge and understanding of arts fields such as visual arts, music, literature, theater, dance and intangible cultural heritage. Therefore since 2016 Arts Council has given a special task to each and every panel to compile readers with new writings or translated key articles, excerpt from books for relevant fields. Most of the Readers are already compiled and on the process of translation. That scheduled publication will be in Sinhala and Tamil languages.

More publication projects are lined up. Translation of Sinhala and Tamil creative writings to the English language is one of the ambitious projects by the literature panel to find the international audience.

There is another publication project proposed by the Theatre and Drama panel. It will be a series of outstanding Sri Lankan plays written in Sinhala, Tamil, and English with production notes.

We already prepared an archive of older publications in pdf format for easy reference. Go to Archives...

Our publications can be purchased from Arts Council of Sri Lanka office and also available to be delivered to your home. To order via WhatsApp, visit the following link. or Whatsapp – 0717577578

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Year 2023

Rupavahini Sameeksha
14th Edition - December, 2023

Kala Sangarawa
2023 October - December

Kala Sangarawa - E version
2022 January - March

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Year 2021

Buddha Prathima Nirmana Kalawa
Prof. Jayasena Kottegoda

Kala Sangarawa
2020 Oct. - Dec.

Ape Urumaya - 01
Sokari Natakaya

Ape Urumaya - 02
Kolam Natya Sampradaya

Ape Urumaya - 03
Nadagam Ranga Kalawa

Ape Urumaya - 04
Rukada Natya Kalawa

Ape Urumaya - 05
Noorthi Ranga Kalawa

Ape Urumaya - 06
Riddiyagaya Hewath Ratayakuma

Ape Urumaya - 07
Sanniyakuma Shanthikarmaya

Ape Urumaya - 08
Suniyam Kapime Shanthikarmaya

Ape Urumaya - 09
Mahason Samayama Shanthikarmaya

Ape Urumaya - 10
Deshiya Bera Wadana Kalawa

Ape Urumaya - 11
Kolmura Yagaya

Ape Urumaya - 12
Gammadu Shanthikarmaya

Ape Urumaya - 13
Kohomba Yak Kankariya

Ape Urumaya - 14
Kumara Samayama

Ape Urumaya - 15
Pahan Maduwa Shanthikarmaya

Ape Urumaya - 16
Bali Shanthikarmaya

Ape Urumaya - 17
Kiri Maduwa Shanthikarmaya

Year 2016

Kala Sangarawa
2016 September - December

Kala Sangarawa
2016 June - Special Edition

Kala Sangarawa
2016 March - Special Edition

Before 2015

Kala Sangarawa
2014 September

Kala Sangarawa
2012 March

Kala Sangarawa
2011 July

Budusamaya ha Kala Nirmana


Prof. Samantha Herath


Amaradewa - Jathiye Swarna Swaraya
Prof. Samantha Herath
Prof. Praneeth Abhayasundara

Lester - Sinhala  Sinamawe Asahaya Minisa


Prof.  Samantha Herath