Arts Council of Sri Lanka
State Literary Advisory Board
S. Muralitharan

Director of Education

Subramaniampillai Muralitharan is currently serving as Director of Education (Tamil schools Development/ Peace Education and Reconciliation Unit) in the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. Formerly he was very much associated with teacher training and teacher education being Principal of Teachers’ College, President of National College of Education and Director of Teacher Education Administration. He holds B.Sc (Hons) Peradeniya, M.Ed from York University- Canada, and earned Postgraduate Diplomas from University of Jayawardenepura, University of Peradeniya and University of Colombo. The vast literary scope he has acquired through studies and international forums in many countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Korea and India, has made an expertise in his area. Some of his contributions to the Sri Lankan literature include three anthologies of poems, four collections of literary and folklore related essays, two biographies and two research publications. Further, well-known as a criticizer of contemporary Tamil literate. He is one of the longest served members in the literary panel of the Art Council and fluent in three languages.