01. Issuing certificates to amateur artists to get exemptions from Entertainment Tax

The Art Council of Sri Lanka acts as the authority for issuing certificate for the consideration of the exemption of entertainment taxes, according to the Act of Entertainment (amended), 1984, No 37 when the performers in an entertainment are all amateurs. Certificate will be offered afterward assessing information and afterwards the entertainment taxes will be deducted by the respective Municipal Councils and from the Divisional Councils.
Documents to be submitted:

A. A letter from the Producer should be attached if the applicant is not the producer
B. Annex copies of advertisements published
C. If required, the items to be presented should be submitted in writing
D. Application should be submitted at least 10 days before the event
E. Two tickets for the entertainment to be given to the Sri Lanka Arts Council


Download the Sinhala Application from here

Download the English application from here


02. Giving approval for the dramas which will be shown for the school children

To ensure that the dramas staged at schools are appropriate for the school children, the Theatre and Drama panel of the Arts Council of Sri Lanka act as an authoritative body which gives approval to the producers prior to the show. Producers must apply for the approval from the Arts Council and a panel of members will decide whether the said drama is appropriate for school children after carefully examining the script and production.

Download the application from here