Arts Council of Sri Lanka


I was born to a simple farming family in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Grew up in the village chasing buffalos and playing drums on tree trunks. I dreamed of going to America to study film at the New York Film Academy, to dine with Robin Williams, to go to a sex shop and to ride in a tram to Castro. I tried a zillion times but failed. Frustrated to the very atom of my being, I finally left for India. In India, I studied Broadcast Journalism and South Indian percussion. I traveled around the world to perform and to share stories. Studied at two prestegious music schools Los Angeles Music Academy and Stanford university. Coming home, I joined McCann Erickson as a copywriter. Later I “retired hurt” after fourteen years of contributing to create a greed-based society. And then, I embarked on my documentary filmmaking journey. In 2011 I released my first full-length documentary film titled GANDHI’S CHILDREN. And my last is a film on child soldiers of Sri Lanka’s 30-year-old war titled BUTTERFLY. In the last sixteen years I may have worked on over a hundred short films here in Sri Lanka as well as in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, America and Mexico. This is all about me. Nothing more – nothing less.