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Geethanath Kudaligama is a media consultant, lyric writer and an explorative author. Being the eldest son of the Late Mr. H. M. Kudaligama, the famous poet and journalist, Geethanath grew up in a literary background which had a big influence on his work. He was selected for the University of Peradeniya but since he was unable to continue the university studies he then competed his Marketing studies at the Sri Lanka Marketing Institute and obtained a Diploma in Mass Media from the University of Colombo. He started his career in 1976 with Lake House and has worked with few newspapers until 1980. Geethanath published his first book in 1979, which is an anthology of poems and has been contributing a number of important literary contents for Sri Lankan readers since then. He made his entrance to the art and literary field by composing a song for the A grade singer Narada Dissasekara in 1970 and has served three generations of musicians throughout his four decade of existence in the field. Some of his very noticeable work are the Anti Aids Anthem (2005) and the 5S Anthem (2003) he made for Sri Lanka. Geethanath was a panel member for ‘Swarna Pusthaka’ literary award for two consecutive years.